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One cycle is 11 days:

I weighed in today and lost another 7 pounds!  That makes it a total of 14.  Even though it wasn't the 9 pounds they claimed...I'm very happy with this.  And once again, I haven't done enough of the exercise and should have increased my water intake.  I start my '3 Days Off' today.
'HeaterGuy', it may very well give you a boost.  It sounds like you've done everything right all along.  I know it must be very frustrating.  But, you should be very proud of yourself…over 100 pounds…wow! I have been slender most of my life.  I never had to exercise.  Then when I put on a little weight in my mid 30s, I'd watch what I ate and work out a little and it would come off easily.  Then the miserable blood pressure meds and weight gain!  All the sensible diet programs worked (though very slowly) but it was always a real struggle…and then the weight came back on quickly.  Maybe it's still too early to get excited, but this diet has given me more incentive than the others.  I've lost 14 pounds before and not looked like I do now.  Maybe this time it really is fat loss, not water weight.  Plus, I'm smaller all over...my stomach, waist, face, even my wrists.  This time it's different.

After reading all the different blogs about the Fat loss 4 Idiots, I was inspired to purchase the product and try it...Today will be the first day. I have 35 pds to lose ..same 35 pds I have struggled with since the birth of my first son. But after reading all the testimonials I am sold, I just hope it works for me. I have tried everything under the sun and of course...failed...but reading the stories of others in my same situation makes me realize I am not alone in my struggle...

Well it is day eight on the Fat Loss 4 Idiots and I have lost an astonishing 9 pds and I am amazed....This diet is not at all that restrictive unless you like sweets ..which I do but with all the water intake and being able to drink diet sodas I haven't had a problem. Lost an inch on every single part of my body....It may be some water weight but 9 pds in a week...I am sticking to it...Love this diet...The only thing that works for me...Plus I do alot of mountain biking and yard work which may have added to my success...Just 26 pds to go...

I am currently on day 9 of my third cycle and have lost 16 pounds all together. Being that I am post menopausal and hypothyroid, I am very pleased. I've never had this kind of success with a diet before! I feel great and have plenty of energy. My goal is to lose 45 pounds. I feel that this is the easiest diet to follow I've ever done (and I've done plenty ...). I lost 8 pounds on the 1st cycle, 2 pounds on the 2nd, and 6 so far on the 3rd.


Wow! Sixth cycle...34 pounds! That is FABULOUS! It gives me hope. Today is my eleventh day of my 1st cycle. I haven't weighed since I started because I know me, and I know I would quit if I hadn't lost any weight. My clothes are looser, and I got into some jeans that I couldn't wear 2 weeks ago so I knew I had to have lost something.

Got on the scale this morning and it appears that I have lost 7 pounds and possibly have gone under the 180 mark which is excellent. Of course I was hoping for more but I had 50 pounds to lose and 7 pounds in 2 weeks is better than I've gotten in the last 3 months (which is a big fat zero although I did lose almost 10 inches overall my body) so I still am very happy and will keep doing cycles as long as I keep losing weight and/or inches. I am glad I am off for the weekend. I am doing the Relay for Life for Cancer this weekend, and I will be walking ALOT but it would be hard to stick to my diet on Saturday and Sunday cuz I won't be at home.



Wow, it's neat to see everyone's results. Sorry I have not written in a while. I ended up losing 17 pounds by the end of cycle 3 and currently on day 8 of cycle 4, I have lost 19.2 pounds. I am 53 years old, 5'9" tall, started the diet at 221.8 pounds and would like to lose at least 45 pounds. I can't believe how well this diet works. Knowing that it is only 11 days of dieting and then there is a 'break' helps keep me going - I can do this! I don't feel like going overboard on the cheat days, portion control comes very easily. One key that works for me is eating something every three hours (on cheat days) - normal breakfast, lunch and dinner and small snack mid morning and mid afternoon. Keeps me from feeling starved by meal time ...



Well I started on my second cycle and then I fell off the wagon. I lost 7 pounds and gained back 2. I am happy with the results so far, but I still have 45 pounds to go! I feel subconsciously that I am sabotaging myself and I don't know why. This week I have Pat's Run (Pat Tillman's race) and a get together afterward, and my boss wants to take me to lunch on Monday. I really don't like having to explain the diet, so I opted to just start back next week. I haven't even been to the gym :cry: BUT last night I DID manage to exercise for 30 minutes on my little step machine I have at home, so it's not a total loss. I plan to go to the gym tonight for sure. Anyway I really do think this diet works (well I know it does) so I really just need to change my attitude and quit being a failure at this.


Hi Everyone, I just finished my second cycle. Currently starting the 3 cheat days. I'm 5'5", female, 50 years old, and started out at 236 lbs. On the first cycle I lost 10 lbs. After the 3 cheat days I regained 5 of them. By day 5 of the second cycle I had lost the 5 regained pounds and went on to lose 4 more pounds. I will be much more careful on these cheat days. I was tempted to just skip them and go right on to the 3rd cycle but I think they're important for keeping your body confused, and for me because I need to prove to myself that I can handle them and control myself which I hope will help me from regaining the weight when I come off the diet for good. Anyway, after two cycles I have lost a total of 14 lbs. and am very happy with the results so far.

Hi Everyone, I have completed my fifth cycle and my total loss so far is 30 pounds. This seems to continue to work for me, even after several cycles. I have not been keeping track of the total for each individual cycle, just the total all together. I hope if anyone is seriously considering this, please give it a chance. Even if your body rebels at first or the cheat days set you back, I really think that in the long run you will be happy with the results. The way I feel now and the comments I am hearing from people just encourage me to keep going. Have a great weekend and I will check back on Monday!



Hi everyone, I just completed my 1st cycle and have lost 9.4lbs. I am female, 29 years old, 5'4" with 47.2 lbs to go. So far, the program has been great. I'm on my first cheat day and am absolutely paranoid since I don't want to gain back what I've lost since I busted my butt off. But mainly, I'm thrilled and look forward to the 2nd cycle.


Today is my first cheat day after my first cycle. I weighed myself this morning and found that I've lost a total of 9.5 pounds for my first cycle. Man I am pumped! My wife lost 6 pounds and she's looking better than I've seen her in years. We are so excited we had a very hard time taking a cheat day this morning. However, I know the diet won't work as well if we don't. We were going to take our cheat days, follow the slow plan until Monday and then start our next cycle to get it synchronized so cheat days fall on weekends, but we're so happy with out progress, we don't want to put off the next cycle. This has been the best $40 I've ever spent! I haven't had any cravings, I don't eat as much and don't feel a need to eat as much as I used to anymore. Onward and....DOWNWARD! :



Just reporting in to everyone. I'm on my 8th day of Cycle #7. As of yesterday morning, my total loss is 41 pounds of fat baggage! I hope my results will provide a little something to keep others going. I started at 216 and my target weight is 145 so I'm 30 pounds away from my goal or in other words, more than halfway to where I want to be. My best advice is....if you've experienced a minor or major fall while on the diet then don't just lie there and beat yourself up----trust me, it
doesn't do any good and is often counterproductive (you may eat more because of the fall).



It is so true that you only fail when you don't get back up. So, if this is you then get off your bum and get back on the wagon! As for experiencing slow weight loss.....well, I've grappled with the frustration of it myself recently. But, someone very close to me reminded me that all the excessive weight didn't appear on my body overnight. It took time...and it's going to take time to reverse it. So, I keep telling myself (and you should too) that as long as there is some kind of loss and you are adhering to the entire plan then you are doing wonderful. We are our own biggest enemy.......but we can also be our own greatest friend.

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