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For many years now I've been writing and posting articles on the internet on different sites and on my many blogs many articles.....all dealing with the topic of the truth to how to lose fat quickly.

As is the style of how I express myself on this website, you'll see the same in my many articles.

Here's a list of just some of them that you'll enjoy checking out:


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Can Heat Shock Proteins Build Muscle Mass?

Why Tribulus Terrestris Won't Help You Build Muscle Mass

Why Lactic Acid Will Help You Gain Weight Naturally

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Protein Is Not The Best Food To Gain Weight Fast

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Stay Away From Low Carb Diets To Gain Muscle Weight

To Gain Muscle Weight, All Pros Do Only 1 Set Per Muscle

You Don't Need Special Food To Gain Weight

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Power vs Fatigue For Gaining Weight

You Don't Need Supplements To Gain Weight

Avoid Aspirin If You Are Trying To Gain Muscle Weight

Avoid Cardio To Build & Gain Weight

Muscle Weight Gain Enemy: Trans Fats

Nitric Oxide: Will It Help You Gain Weight Fast?

The Thermogenesis Myth & Muscle Weight Gain

Isolation Exercises Will Build More Muscle & Weight

Raise Your Natural Hormones To Build Muscle Mass

The Cheapest Supplement In The World For Building Muscle

Shaping Exercises Build Just As Much Muscle

Stop Blaming Genetics For Your Lack Of Muscle Mass

What Really Makes Muscle Grow?

How To Gain Muscle and Weight

Ways To Gain Weight and Muscle Mass

Weight Gain Diet and Bodybuilding Diet

Gain Weight Fast Without Supplements

How To Gain Weight and Build Muscle

I'm known for going against traditional methods in my articles. Many at first were very skeptical to my workout routine philosophies and diet strategies.  But after having looked at their own lack of fat loss and lean muscle gain progress that was a result of following what the bodybuilding magazines publish and what's on just about every other internet website, and looking at things with an open mind, they finally saw that my techniques, based on what I call "The Real Results", have been become loyal readers of mine.

I hope you'll come along as well after reading my information!


Rich Lauro
:The Body Transformation Expert"
Certified Fitness Trainer


Rich Lauro is Certified ACE Fitness Trainer. He has written several articles designed to help average individuals, especially busy women, lose weight and build lean sexy muscles without the use of any supplements, diets, or special equipment, click here "Quick Fat Loss For Women!" .

His main website is located at QuickFatLossForWomen


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