Discover How To Lose Belly Fat... Lose Up To 14lbs Of Fat, 14 Inches And 5% Body Fat In Just A Few Short Weeks?”

So, If You Want to Lose Belly Fat Fast, Turbo Charge Your Metabolism and Build Lean Muscle Right In The Comfort of Your Own Home Then Read The Rest Of This Page Now! 

Turbulence Training promises fast fat loss results for men and women who don't have a lot of time for exercise and who have failed to lose weight on other popular diets such as Atkins, South Beach and Weight Watches

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Let's take a look at what turbulence training promises, and see if it really measures up!

This product was created by Craig Ballantyne a very popular fitness expert who writes for magazines such as Men's Health, Men's Fitness, Oxygen and Shape magazines. So the program is clearly put together by a trusted fitness expert.

I have been a personal trainer for the past 18 years and I gotta tell you, when I spoke to Craig about his training and education background,  I was even  impressed. Craig's experience goes back to the mid-nineties, in both the gym and in the research lab. He's actually led research trials on sport supplements, strength training, and cardiovascular training.

"Catherine Lost 14 Inches, 14 Pounds, and 5% Body Fat - And  Looks 14 Years Younger! By Following Turbulence Training Fat Loss Program"

Plus, Craig has been a strength coach and has worked with hundreds of clients in thousands of training sessions. This is a unique, and thorough background, so it’s not surprising he came up with this groung breaking training system for fat loss.

In fact, Craig's articles are always pretty hard on traditional aerobic cardio workouts. So if you're looking for new ways to spend 60 minutes doing cardio, then this program is not for you. But if you only have 30-45 minutes to workout, three times per week, and you have access to a set of dumbbells, and maybe an exercise ball, or just your own body weight then you'll like what Turbulence Training has for you here.

What Is Turbulence Training

Now one of the biggest questions about the program is simply, "What is Turbulence Training?" Well, from my 18 year experience as a trainer it’s the combination of resistance training and interval training used to boost your metabolism so that your body burns calories and fat way after your workouts are over. Did you know "Cardio only boost your metabolism after exercise for about 45 minutes to 1 hour. While Graig's weight training and interval training program burns fat up to 39 hours, your body will be shedding fat even while you sleep."  

"Emily Johnson Fits Back Into Her Skinny Jeans, Losing 15.5 Pounds, 5.3% Body Fat, 2 Inches from Her Waist, and 4 Inches of Belly Fat"

"When I began my transformation, I had been trying for years to lose weight. What I appreciate most about Craig’s system is its simplicity. I am now spending less time in the gym than before and getting my best results ever.

I never realized how much of a difference social support can really make but being surrounded by the other amazing people on the TT forum who were all working towards a similar goal and facing similar challenges was an integral part of keeping me motivated and moving towards my goal.

During my 12 week journey I lost 15.5 lbs, inches off everywhere, and 5.3% body fat...I was able to take “after pictures” fitting comfortably into a pair of size 27 jeans that I haven’t fit into in years!

I guess the only thing I can say is thanks so much to Craig for creating this incredible system and to all of my fellow transformers who were an unending source of motivation, support, and inspiration."
Emily Johnson
Get Results Like This Right In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Fortunately, Turbulence Training system of bodyweight exercises, dumbbell exercises, and interval training can all be done at home, with minimal equipment (if you are really strong, it might help to have a chin-up bar). So again, if you are one of those people who loves machines, or cardio equipment, or marathon workouts, then this program is not for you.

I've personally used this program myself and I have recommended it to many of my personal training clients. Why? Because no one has time for long workouts that's why. After an eight or ten hour workday, a round-trip commute of 90 minutes, and spending time with my family, You just don't have the time for 60 or 90 minute workouts at least I didn't.

21 Day Trial For Only $4.95

In fact, you can either get up early and do the workout before work, or you can do it just before bed. This workout is perfect for busy men and women. But it’s not the type of routine that’s going to turn anyone into a pro bodybuilder. If building muscle is your main goal you maybe interested in one of the bonus books that comes with the turbulence training program. This bonus is for building muscle mass and it's amazing I love it.

But, if you want lean toned sexy muscles then turbulence training system is for you. This by far is the best program for burning fat without sacrificing muscle - so you end up lean, defined, chiseled and toned  just like Kerry below.

"Kerry at age 51 Cuts out Cardio workouts and Loses 6 Pounds to Get 6-Pack Abs"

Say Goodby To Long Boring Workouts Once And For All!

You may find working out to be boring (i.e. long cardio) or repetitive (i.e. doing the same bodybuilding workout over and over again). But Turbulence Training uses a lot of unique and different exercises, including some cool, killer bodyweight moves that will make you more athletic and increase your functional and core strength - again, all with minimal equipment.

I even recommend this program to clients who are just starting out, because it offers a 6-week introductory program, and a 4-week intermediate program in addition to the 16-week advanced training phase (PLUS, the Turbulence Training program comes with a massive amount of bonus workouts for muscle building, bodyweight only, advanced fat loss, and even a female specific bonus).

But each workout progresses into the next. I've used all of these workouts with hundreds of my clients - so they are safe and effective. Sure, you can get other programs that leave you sore and puking after your first workout, but Turbulence Training is not like that. Soreness doesn't matter, only results matter!

The Turbulence Training program also contains a contract -- basically, your pledge to being committed to the program. It also includes an ebook on Nutrition Guidelines from a nutrition expert, Dr. Chris Mohr, Ph.D., and an extensive Q&A section, a 21-Healthy Habit Building Plan, plus the complete Turbulence Training workouts for beginner, intermediate and advanced level individuals. So you really NEVER have to buy another fat loss or fitness program again.

You will benefit from the Turbulence Training MP3 audio where Craig goes over the program, plus you can find every single exercise explained in detail, complete with photos.

Okay, so bottom line. Turbulence Training is NOT for you if you like....

    * Long, slow cardio workouts

    * A machine-based exercise circuit

    * Boring bodybuilding programs

    * A workout with lots of time-wasting isolation exercises

    * A restrictive eating plan, low carbs, or low fat

Turbulence Training provides NONE of the above. On the other hand, Turbulence Training is perfect for busy men and women who want to burn fat fast in the comfort of their own homes without spending a lot of money on gym memberships, equipment or space on exercise machines. Oh, and you'll actually have fun and you won't "dread" these workouts - heck, they will be over before you know it! Just take a look at the results Karla achieved  in only 90 days. Now it's your turn to get results.

"Karla Got Her Rock-Hard Body and Lost 15.2 Pounds, 6.65% Body Fat, and 14 Inches While Exercising LESS Than Before"


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If you're in the slightest bit curious, I recommend you look closely at this program. I was very impressed with all of the Turbulence Training workouts, the bonuses, the guarantee, and the expertise. For the money, it's the best deal in the fitness and fat loss industry – Heck if you were to hire me as your trainer it would cost you $75/hour. Unlike other fat loss, programs you will be eating more food then you use to.

I spoke to Graig and talked him into giving my readers his whole Turbulence Training Fat Loss System for 21-days you'll get to try the Turbulence Training Syrstem and all you pay is $4.95 during that time. Heck, you can spend that much in a Starbucks just for a coffee!

This program usually costs $39.95, but you can start a 21-day trial for only $4.95. If you like it, you'll be billed the remaining $35.00 investment at the end of your 21-day trial period.
by that time you may even burn off 5-10 pounds of fat in 21 days.

We will never sell or share your email address with anyone.


And nothing will be held back. You'll get access to the entire Turbulence Training for Fat Loss system, the bonuses plus you'll still get your free membership into the TT Member's area where you can ask me any question you want about your fat loss workouts and nutrition program.

You have nothing to lose. If you don't like the program, you can ask for your money back. So there is no risk to you. Instead, you can get started on the world's most popular home-gym fat burning workout program that you can do with minimal equipment and in minimum time to help you burn belly fat.


Rich Lauro



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