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From: Daegan Smith "The King Of Never Calling A Single Lead"
9:58 PM

I couldn’t believe it!

Me.  On stage.  Sharing my breakthrough system with an audience held captive at the edge of their seats.  At one point I had to pause for a while.  I thought their silence meant that I was boring them.  So I asked, “Are you guys getting this!”  And then came the resounding, “Yes!”

Their silence was one of amazement at what they were hearing. (Who would have thought so? Not me for sure.  Continue reading to find out why …)

These people paid hundreds of dollars on their admission tickets, travel and hotel accommodation to hear my unbelievable story along with some other MLM industry movers and shakers. 

The aim of my presentation?  To show them how an unknown guy (that’s me), new to the industry, pulled off an incredible feat of adding over 3,637 to my downline and 37+ income streams to my business in just over one year … without ever picking up the phone to call one single lead!


[Me wearing my favorite "I'm Retired Don't Ask Me To Do A Damn Thing!" shirt holding 37 checks and earning $85,172.47 in one month after discovering the same secrets you're about to discover below!]

But I think I’m getting a little ahead of myself so let’s back up a few years.


Here’s A Little Of My Story ..

Hi, my name is Daegan Smith and I’m 26 years old.  When I left college a few years ago it didn’t take me long working as a sales rep for a pharmaceutical company (6 months really) to realize that I wanted more from life than a 9 to 5 dead-end job.  Hey, it paid the bills but that’s about it.

So I went on a quest to build another source of income for myself.  I tried real estate, several other business opportunities before I came upon network marketing.  After going through several hundred leads and months of cold-calling nightmares … and spending over $7,000 I finally said, “Enough is enough!”

Well, I found little nuggets of good ideas here and there from several workshops and coaching sessions I joined.  But I needed a system that worked and gave me results fast because I was growing frustrated AND poor.  I could understand being frustrated OR poor but not both.

So I combined all the Internet marketing strategies I learned and developed my own system which have already placed over 4,000 people in my downline and over $220,000 into my bank account.

(Stats from one December 2006, the first month the "SECRET" hit me. I earned $18,437.23 plus commission checks not shown, since then my income has more than tripled.)

"Over 900 leads, 22 signups for my main business and I've made around $2,500 dollars!

I've been using your system for about three months now and I've already generated over 900 leads, 22 signups for my main business and I've made around $2,500 dollars.

What really has me jumping out of my chair though is that I have spent very little in marketing thanks to your training that you provide. I wish your system was around 2 years ago I would of saved a fortune in wasting marketing efforts.

-Shane Woods

Now with results like that you could understand why I was invited to  Putting the Net in Network Marketing Seminar July 21-22, 2006 in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I was proud to stand beside industry legends such as Tim Sales, Robert Butwin, and Dale Calvert.  These are people who I read about and dreamed I could be like.

Now I want to give you front row seat to this closed-doors, ticketed members only event.  And you don’t even have to travel to Utah or pay a hotel bill like the other attendees.

Get My Success Secrets
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That’s right.  I want to mail you the audio of my presentation on CD for FREE!  Why?  Because I know that this could change your life and I want you to skip some of the headaches and frustrations I endured while trying to build my network marketing business.

I also have another surprise reason but I’ll tell more about this later.

But first, let me just tell you that most people I asked said they would’ve paid over $200 for this presentation alone.  In fact, some of these attendees are going to be pretty upset with me for giving you all these incredible secret strategies for FREE. (Wouldn’t you if you paid to get them?)

In this presentation I shared with you the exact step-by-step process and strategies I used to grow my downline by leaps and bounds ... literally overnight.

Not only are you going to uncover what I did, but you are going to learn HOW and WHY I did what I did and how it generated huge success and continual growth my organization. Knowing what to do and not knowing why is playing a dangerous game. 

For instance when I say you’ll see me, my way of thinking, and my formula for success completely and transparently let me tell what I mean. There's a section of this audio where I talk about email marketing and how I've used it grow my network marketing business and increase my monthly profit by more than 200% the first month I made a huge breakthrough.

Simply put, this breakthrough alone could make you thousands of dollars. This is a technique seldom discussed and even less frequently seen used.  But that one technique could make you a huge amount of cash.

"Excellent information! I have had over 25 enrollments in the last 4 days alone. I am putting into practice the things I am learning. I expect to be swimming in people within the next week!"

-Brian Thomas


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Pure Internet Network Marketing
Nutrition … Zero Fat!

I spill my guts in this presentation.  Remember, I was up against the BIG guys and as a “new comer” I had to perform to show I know my stuff. So this ain’t no fluff.

You’re about to uncover:

  • How to Instantly Generate Leads, Profits, And Traffic Around The Clock – The exact steps that I use to set up my lead and profit generation system that works even when I’m on vacation.
  • The Exact Process And Formula To Going From 0 to 4300+ Team Members In A Smidge Over A Year Nothing Is Left Out! - The entire story is revealed in full. After you listen to this you'll know exactly how it happened for me and how it can happen for you too.
  • The Essential Elements For Huge And FAST Internet MLM Success - Did you know that for your team to grow at light speed certain things need to be in place first? If you didn't don't worry, you're about to learn them right now.
  • A Simple Change To Your Email Marketing To Effortless Have Prospects Ringing Your Phone Of The Hook! - Many months ago there was one simple change I made to the way I conduct my email marketing online that immediately double my income and I haven't looked back sense. These day this one simple trick alone is worth about $15,000+ a month income and you're about to learn!

    "I Raised $5000 For My Co-Op and Doubled My
    Team Members To 637 Within 4 Weeks."

    Daegan's formula Works! This is by far the most complete and usable strategies that I have ever come across.

    Using the Formula, I now have my very own
    lead generating machine that are able to sign up new
    members automatically. 8-12 new members are joining
    me every single day and I am only 6 months into my

    Thanks Daegan for your True MLM Wealth Formula and I appreciate YOUR leadership and the good you bring to this industry."

    -Jaz Lai

  • Sure Fire Ways To Go Turn Your Team Full Of Lazy Winers Into Your Most Valuable Asset - Man doesn't it suck when your team just sit there and complains about why nothing is happening in their business leaving you to do all the work? I'm gonna show you a simple way to turn your team of whiners into your most valuable asset.

  • The Secret Formula To Increasing Your Marketing Budget By A Factor Of 20X Or More Without Spending A Dime - What if you're marketing budget was 20 times what it was right now? What if it didn't cost you a dime to do it? Welcome to my world of network marketing. This tactic will simply amaze you!

  • How To Mastermind Your Path To Wealth And Guarantee Your Success Even Before Take Your First Steps - Did you know that with a little planning you can almost guarantee your long term success in network marketing before you even begin? It's true and I'm gonna show you how!

  • Finally, Get The Nitty-Gritty Truth About How To Generate Long Term Free Traffic That Never - I've been getting traffic passively for over a year doing just one simple free traffic generation trick and you're gonna know it too. (Only Use This Information If You're Lazy.)

  • Ever Heard Of Leverage? - You're gonna learn why it's your best friend and how to put it to use in a huge way. If you suck at calling leads like I do you're gonna need it!

  • And that's just the tip of the iceberg . . . - But you'll see.

Simply . . . You’re going to get more profit boosting info in this audio than you can find in a lot of hundred dollar courses and training programs. It's a big promise to make, but I challenge you to put me to the test.

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The problem that True MLM Wealth will solve for you is simple. You may have heard this before but it’s a great piece of success wisdom: If you want to be successful in any filed just find somebody who is already there and copy what they did.  I mean, why re-invent the wheel?

If you want to learn through the school of Hard Knocks, then be my guest. But I see no logical reason why you’ll want to take that route when I’m offering you the solution for nothing! 



But You Have To Act Fast!!

The truth is when I originally recorded this presentation I asked the seminar participants what would they think if I turned this into $197 product. They told me I should and it would be worth more than that to anyone who listens to it and applies the strategies to their own business.

That was the original plan for this recording and I may go back to it at anytime. (I’m fully aware that a lot of people may associate this valuable product with the free garbage that’s given away on the Internet every day.)

So, I suggest you secure your copy of this recording IMMEDIATELY as I may start offering it at the $197 suggested price. Frankly, this offer is just a marketing test and so I don't really intend to give this away FREE for long. (I'd be stupid to.)



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Haven’t you waited long enough to live the life you know you really deserve?

To the top ,

Daegan Smith

"The King Of Never Calling A Single Lead"

 P.S I reserve the right to pull this FREE offer at anytime so I suggest you get this while its still FREE. You have nothing to lose really. 

P.P.S  I get a ton of email from people who said that this one presentation was the breakthrough they've been looking for all their lives. After trying network marketing the old way they finally woke up to a new dawn! GET YOUR FREE CD NOW!



Legal Disclaimer: Of course I cannot promise or guarantee that you will make any certain amount of money or recruit any certain amount of prospects into your business and of course results will vary, and every effort has been made to accurately convey the products and services offered here, but based on my personal results and the results of many many happy customers there is more than a good chance that you will be very happy with your results.



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