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Dear Fellow Golfers

Are you sick and tired of mediocre personal trainers creating generic bodybuilding programs and selling them as Golf Specific programs'? Fed up with nagging golf injuries – Want to Eliminate your pain?  And play better golf immedialtley.

A few months ago, I spent $38 on a golf fitness book from a so-called 'golf expert' and it was basically 85 pages of basic bodybuilding exercises you can find in any $4 magazine. I was mad as hell and went on a mission to design my own golf specific training program that guarantee’s to improve your golf game. 

Now You Can Get Your Hands on the Top-Secret 'Fluff-Free' High Performance Golf Specific Training Program from an Expert in Biomechanics!

You cannot find this information anywhere for any price. This golf training program was created exclusively for THE GOLFER and has never been available to the public -- until now!

Why settle for a book or video from trainers who lie when you can get A program from one of the most successful and innovative experts in the industry! Never before have so many incredible golf exercises become available of this magnitude.

The MAT High Performance Golf Program reveals restrictions in golf specific movement patterns and muscular imbalances in addition to improving your golf performance. This program will also help you to prevent and recover from common golf injuries. 

Muscle and joint pain will be reduced or eliminated and you will experience more flexibility, strength, endurance and power.

Many golfers suffer from restrictions and imbalances that retard their progress. Higher handicappers frequently “come over the top” of the ball causing not only a weak ball flight but also trauma to their body.

The MAT golf program will correct your swing faults and improve your consistency."

Many swing faults, inconsistent swings, injuries and poor rounds of golf are a result of the golfer's inability to execute a biomechanical correct golf swing.

Restrictions in the spine, hamstrings, hips and shoulders will prevents a successful swing from taking place. A golfer will never have a chance to perform a correct swing until they gain muscle balance and flexibility

Most players try to generate power with their shoulders and arms, breaking the kinetic chain and inflicting trauma to their joints. The low-back, hips, shoulders and elbows are often inflicted with more impact than a biomechanical current swing would produce.

Golf is very one sided just like tennis and it pays to counter balance your body. The MAT high performance golf program does this by conditioning your body and eliminating weak links that cause compensations leading to a poor golf swing.

The  MAT High Performance Golf

Program Will:

Here’s what this program can do for your game:

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