Fat Burning Tips

5 Fat Burning Tips For Busy Men and Women

During my 12 week Turbulence Training journey "Shanda, Lost 16.2 lbs, 6.3% body fat, and 17.25 inches in ONLY 12 Weeks"

How would you like to super charge your metabolism and lose fat from your belly, butt and thighs' or any where else for that matter? If so, then follow the five fat burning tips below.

If you follow these tips, I guarantee you will be able to fit into your  favorite pair of 'skinny jeans in no time. or your favorite ginne T for you guy's.

Fat Burning Tip 1. Perform full body workouts

Using free weights instead of machines requires your body to use more muscle and to work harder which will speed your metabolism and increase fat burning.

Here's why, when you use a seated chest press machine you're body does not have to worry about stabilizing itself. But when you use dumbbells your body has to call upon many more muscles to help stabilize and balance the dumbbells resulting in more muscles being worked.

Fat Burning Tip 2. Use compound exercises

When your goal is fat loss, you should be performing compound exercises that work more then one muscle at a time. For example the squat works all the muscle of your legs and butt, it also effects your nervous system making it a much better exercise for building muscle and burning off fat then using a leg extension machine. Leg extensions only works the front of your thigh and doesn’t offer any other benefit.

Most women seek a lean, sexy body and the way to get it is by increasing your metabolism and by using quick fat burning workouts that work as many muscles as possible.
This also holds true for other body parts as well. Other trouble area for women are the back of their arms (triceps). Instead of using tricep kickbacks which only works one muscle you should perform body weight bench dips if your goal is to tone the back of your arms. These exercises not only work your arms they also work your chest and shoulders.

The fastest way to burn fat and tone your body is to use movements that allow you to use the most weight. This will increase your lean muscle, and speed up your metabolism.

Fat Burning Tip 3. Perform Supersets

Super sets allow you to work two different body parts without rest (e.g. legs and shoulders) You should alternate between upper-body exercises and lower-body exercises. By using supersets your workouts will short and more effective. .

This type of workout has many benefits compared to straight set workouts. Especially if your goal is burning off unwanted body fat. Your constantly moving between exercises which elevates your heart rate, burns more calories and speeds your metabolism.

Skeptic Loses 30 Pounds of Fat in 12 Weeks...While Gaining 8 Pounds of Muscle at the Same Time!
"I started Turbulence Training at 210 pounds and 33% body fat, but after 12 weeks I'm down to 188 pounds and 21% body fat. I have lost 12% bodyfat which equates to a gain of 8lbs in lean body mass and a total loss of 30lbs fat.

To say I'm pleased with the progress made is an understatement of unimaginable proportions. The progress I have made in 12 weeks has stunned me - I never knew I had it in me!"
Chris Curtis, Police Officer

Fat Burning Tip 4. Use heavy weight

Most women are confused when it comes to lifting weights. They are afraid of lifting heavy weights. They thing they are going to build muscle like those women body building freaks. Don't worry it won't happen unless your using drugs. New research, proves lifting heavy weights for 8-12 repetitions is best for building lean toned muscle.

Lifting heavy weights will give you that lean body and stimulates your metabolism. The high rep myth is one of the biggest lies and most unproductive way of training! The fitness magazines have convinced many women to lift light weight for high reps, this is not going to get you a lean sexy body. The other myth is if you lift heavy weights  your body will get bulky or bigger. Don't believe this, you're being lied too.

Fat Burning Tip 5. Perform cardio intervals

Interval cardio training performed after weight-training will burns two times the amount of calories, This type of cardio not only works the cardiovascular system, it builds muscle at the same time. The best time to perform these quick cardio sessions is right after lifting weights.

Here's how to perform it: you would warm up for 5 minutes on a treadmill or any other cardio machine. You start out using 1:2 ratio progressing to a 1:1 ratio

Here's an example: using a treadmill you would run at level 5 for 1 minute then walk for two minutes. This is repeated for 6-8 rounds. You must work as hard as you can this of course depends on what kind of shape your already in.

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